Our story


The exact details of how the shop at Dryslwyn came into

being are lost in the mists of time, but we do know that it

first opened on this original site back in 1852 - possibly as

a Post Office as well. After all, this was part of the great age

of postal services: the first mail train had run the rails

between Liverpool and Manchester just 22 years earlier;

the penny post (the first uniform postal charge of its kind

in the world) had arrived in 1840 - two years after the intro-

duction of Royal Mail money orders.

Sadly, 147 years later this fabulous revolution in mass

communication had waned to the extent that Royal Mail

could no longer afford to pay the salary of a postmaster at

Dryslwyn - and without that salary there could no longer

be a shop.

So enter now a band of volunteers who - through a com-

bination of '0ff the wall' imagination and sheer determin-

ation - persuaded Royal Mail that Dryslwyn could be operated as a salary-free offshoot of the Llandeilo Post Office.

So, with the support of the late Alan Bryer (who owned the shop and shop premises) around 300 people from the area set about raising funds for this exciting new community venture. As a result, on April 1st, 2009, today's highly-successful Dryslwyn Community Shop became one of nearly 300 throughout the UK which are constantly proving that, with a bit community spirit and gung ho, essential services can be maintained in rural areas to the benefit of all concerned.


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